Everything You Need To Know About Platinum Engagement Rings

Purchasing an engagement ring is one of the most exciting events in life. The engagement ring not only symbolises two people’s love and commitment for each other, but if you buy smartly, then it can also offer great value today and into the future. A particularly sophisticated choice for engagement rings is platinum. Platinum engagement rings are known for quality, durability and elegance. For many, a platinum ring is the ultimate in beauty as well as quality. Without further ado, let’s begin this post which will tell you all that you need to know about platinum engagement rings.

A Little About The Metal

Platinum is the most precious and the densest of all metals. Its classy appearance made it a favourite of jewellery lovers. It is sturdier than gold, which of course, influences its price. Compared to gold, platinum is at least five times rarer and purer when used in jewellery. Typically, to be considered “platinum” the metal has to have 90% pure platinum but there is a new type of platinum available now which is called 585 platinum. It contains 58.5% platinum and 41% cobalt and copper.

The Appearance

Though they look very much alike, platinum should not be mistaken for white gold. These two are completely different metals in terms of strength. Unlike other metals, platinum does not expand or contract when it comes in contact with heat. It also does not tarnish, ever. It ages gracefully with a gorgeous patina. Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal which does not irritate the skin the way a gold mix can sometimes do.

Platinum goes with various types of jewellery and clothing. It also needs less maintenance than gold and many other metals.


Platinum engagement rings in the UK are sold with a hallmark. It indicates the quality and provenance of the ring. Other than the hallmark, some optional symbols are also included by the manufacturer to offer additional information to the buyer. One example is the mark of fineness which indicates the purity of the platinum. For instance, the mark 900 indicates 90% platinum, which is considered to be pure platinum. This mark of fineness is imprinted within a particular symbol which looks like a house.

Shopping for a platinum engagement ring, whether you are looking at new or second hand engagement rings for sale can be intimidating for people who are not familiar with platinum. Those who are looking to buy their lady love a platinum engagement ring will, hopefully, be well-informed after reading this post.

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Engagement Rings 2015. What’s In?

This post talks about the current trends in engagement rings that are here to stay for the rest of the year. It’s intended to help those who are soon to be betrothed and looking for the best engagement rings. Take it away!

Unusual cuts and settings that really make the wearer stand out are definitely a favourite this year. Everybody wants to look unique, especially on their special day and these rings are a perfect accompaniment for that. Of course that doesn’t mean the all-time favourite simple diamond band or prong setting are not on anybody’s list this year. But what we are trying to say is, more and more people are looking for a distinctive look with their rings and opting for these trends:

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Ladies this year are really into long-stalled cuts as pear-shaped diamonds and marquise-cut diamonds are making a comeback. Once thought of as “old-fashioned”, these cuts are presented in a new light by jewellery brands, which are combining them with other latest favourites such as halo settings.

Champagne Diamonds

Expect to see a lot of champagne diamond engagement rings in 2015. “Hot” or “in”, whatever you prefer to call latest trends, you can call champagne diamonds that. In fact, diamonds of similar shades too are going to top the preference list of buyers. The best thing about these diamonds? They cost a lot less than their white counterparts.

Coloured Centrepieces

Rings with brightly coloured centrepieces are expected to be purchased a lot this year, after the recent high-profile 7 carat emerald cut yellow diamond engagement ring given by George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin, his wife now.

Stacking Bands

Stacking is making its way to the wishlists of those who plan to get married this year. So, it’s more of a wedding ring trend. For now, the metals of preference for stacking bands are white gold and platinum.

A Few Honourable Mentions

Millennial generation’s preference for unique styles is bringing back a lot of designs and cuts. Young people who are soon to be engaged are avoiding traditional designs and cuts and looking for something that hasn’t been around in a while. From uncut diamonds to halos with more metal than stone, from big oval centrepieces with two small oval side stones to multiple baguettes tapering down the sides of the ring – they are game for all sorts of distinct styles. Following the lead of celebrities, many are likely to choose emerald cuts, asscher cuts, radiant cuts and pave-set split shanks.

Why These Trends Matter To You

If you have an engagement ring from a past relationship and if the ring happens to be of any of the styles mentioned here, you can use it to make money. To get the maximum value for your ring, try BiggerRocks.com – the latest marketplace for second hand rings online.

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Photography Techniques For Selling Platinum And White Gold Rings Online

We have discussed about different ways to make gemstones look as beautiful in photographs as they do to the naked eye so that more buyers notice your ring. In this blog, we will get more specific and talk about how to photograph white gold and platinum rings so that buyers notice the true beauty of these white metals. Here’s all you need to know:

Reflection – An Essential Part Of White Metal Photography

When it comes to photographing white gold and platinum, the first thing you need to consider is reflection. Both these metals tend to reflect everything that’s around them and there aren’t many things you can do about it, except placing your ring carefully and strategically when photographing it. A nice way to do that is to place the ring on a metallic surface. This will make your ring look natural and the stones in it (if any) look more attractive.

If you can’t find a metallic surface, you can use a dark surface instead. Dark surfaces make white metals reflect a more natural colour.

How To Get A Perfect Dark Surface /  Black Background

We have found, after experimenting with several dark surfaces and backgrounds, that black is the best. It brings out the true beauty of the ring by creating the best contrast. To achieve a perfect black surface and background, just place a piece of black velvet on the bottom and the back of the lighting system (s), and then shoot. If you want to shoot a photo straight down from the top, place the velvet on the bottom only.

Do not expect completely reflection-free photos of your ring as both platinum and white gold are high-polish metals that will always act as mirrors and reflect their surroundings. So, some amount of reflection will always be there. However,  you can minimise the reflection using any photo editing software of your choice.


In an online marketplace where second hand engagement rings are bought and sold, you never see your customers. So you can’t give them the chance to hold the ring in their hands. To make up for that, you need to communicate the look and feel of your ring through photos. The visual impact that your ring creates will be responsible for sparking interest. If you keep in mind the advice and information provided in this blog, you’ll be able to attract customers through stunning photographs of your platinum or white gold ring.

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Monetise Your Jewellery – Sell Your Eternity Ring

This post will talk about why selling a used eternity ring online is lucrative and explain what it takes to sell your eternity ring online for a good price.

When you plan to sell your used eternity ring, it pays to do some homework. Here, we will help you get started so that you don’t miss the opportunity to make money selling it to the right buyer online.

Why Sell Online

Every day, over 2 million people use the Internet to buy jewellery. That’s a huge market which you can target. But that’s also a very competitive market where it is often very difficult to make a profit without the right channels. Now, there are several online channels such as auction sites, classified ad sites and the best of them all, specialised jewellery marketplaces that provide a platform to sellers of pre-owned jewellery like you to sell it directly to buyers who are interested in value and can pay what your eternity ring is really worth. These jewellery marketplaces have an advantage over not only other online channels but also your local jeweller who will mark up your ring at 300% its manufacturing cost. Yes, you are not really likely to get a good offer from your local jeweller, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your ring evaluated by them. Have it evaluated by them and sell directly to a buyer on one of these great marketplaces to maximise your profit.

Since eternity rings appeal to both men and women, you can be sure of the fact that you won’t run out of buyers any time soon. Buyers on the best online jewellery marketplaces will pay a price that’s closer to your ring’s retail price. Isn’t that better than going to a jeweller with your ring?

How to Give Buyers Peace Of Mind

In our experience, the best online platforms provide buyers with peace of mind by having an independent and certified gemmologist check the rings listed with them. So, in order to make money on these places, you need to prove to the buyer that your ring is genuine so that they have the assurance that they are paying for the right thing. Your best option in this case is to choose a virtual marketplace where you will be provided guidance on how to get the best price when you sell your eternity ring.

In The End

Condition of the ring is an important determining factor for the price you can expect to receive from it. Keep the ring nice and clean so that it appeals to buyers. And if you choose the very best online jewellery marketplace, your ring will be polished by the certified gemmologist who will even package it in a beautiful box.

Just keep these things in mind and enjoy a great price for your ring.

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How to Wear Diamond Rings

It’s always nice to wear something that catches the light, especially for those who want to be the centre of attention wherever they go. Rings are those pieces of jewellery that are loved by one and all for their aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance. Diamond rings are probably the most dazzling of all and irrespective of the size of the rock; it’s possible to get guaranteed second glances, provided you keep a few things in mind and are willing to put in the required effort.

Creating your own style comes with its share of gaffes but like everything else, if you keep at it, success will be yours. Whether it’s an eternity ring or an engagement ring, diamond rings look best when the diamonds are truly the centre of attention on your hand.

Every Diamond Is Different

Please keep in mind that every diamond is different and the colour, cut, clarity, carat and setting all have important roles to play. The key is to match your ring with what you are wearing. Colourless diamonds look great with almost all your outfits, whereas coloured diamonds need you to go a little further and match or contrast your wardrobe with them.

How to Match Your Diamond Ring with Your Other Jewellery / Accessories

If your ring is a yellow gold one, make sure that the rest of the jewellery you are wearing is of yellow gold as well. If you wear a watch, wear a yellow gold watch or one with a leather band. White metals have an advantage here. You can match them with white gold, platinum and silver jewellery.

How Much Is Too Much

If you are used to wearing a lot of jewellery, then please remember that the beauty and appeal of your diamond ring will be lost in all that glitter. The best way to make your diamond ring stand out is to wear less jewellery. Also, do not wear too many other rings on the hand that you wear the diamond ring.

Why Manicure Is Important

When you wear an eye-catching diamond ring, your hand is going to attract attention with every move you make. When that happens, your fingers and nails should look just as good so as to showcase the diamond well. Choose a colour of nail polish that won’t distract the eye from the centrepiece. The best option is to get a French manicure because the white tips will steer the attention back to your ring and go well with all colours of diamonds and metals.

You can buy not one but several diamond rings within a budget if you go for pre-owned. There are specialist online jewellery marketplaces where you can buy stunning second hand rings in the UK at affordable prices. These places let you buy directly from a seller; no jeweller is between you and the ring and thus, there’s no need for you to shell out huge amounts of money. Each and every ring that’s put up for sale on these marketplaces is checked by a certified independent gemmologist. You can even see photos of each ring’s hallmark and the original documents of purchase uploaded by the sellers themselves. So, there’s no risk of getting an imitation or poor quality ring. These are the places that can make your dream of owning bigger rocks come true.

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Buying Pre-Owned Dress Rings In The UK – Turquoise

Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone that has been enjoying popularity for years. Even with ever-evolving fashion trends, turquoise never seems to go out of style. If you want to buy a pre-owned turquoise ring, consider these factors to make a good purchase.

Things To Look For

Turquoise is a water-based stone formed in rocks. So, obviously you’ll see bits and pieces of rocks inside it. Find out how it has been treated because turquoise is treated to enhance its colour and to prepare it for using in jewellery. Though un-treated turquoise (or natural turquoise) is available, is very expensive and can sometimes lead you to pay more than what it’s worth. There are sellers who sell fake turquoise and it’s not always easy to spot the fake ones, especially if you are looking at online collections of pre-owned rings. That’s why you need to know which online jewellery stores are reliable and sell authentic pre-owned dress rings in the UK. You can determine that by finding an online jewellery marketplace that has a certified gemmologist to attest to the quality of the turquoise.

Authentic turquoise varies in colour intensity and its evenness is never perfect, while fake turquoise always looks absolutely perfect.

Turquoise Types

Types of turquoise include:

  • Natural: As mentioned before, natural turquoise does not undergo any treatment. It is just cut, shaped, polished and used in jewellery.
  • Reconstituted: Reconstituted turquoise is created by grinding turquoise into powder and mixing it with epoxy and dyes and then molding it into a solid form. Then, it is cut and used in the ring. It looks a lot like natural turquoise.
  • Stabilised: Turquoise that’s been hardened by epoxy or acrylic is called stabilised turquoise. Through this method, the colour of the stone is preserved forever. It looks very beautiful.
  • Treated or Colour-Enhanced: This type of turquoise goes through the same treatment as stabilised turquoise, except its colour is enhanced using dye. The colour can look artificial and this turquoise is prone to scratching.

Simulated: Made from plastic, this turquoise is basically an imitation. It is ideal for costume jewellery.

After You Buy It

Maintain your turquoise ring by:

  • Not wearing it when doing something strenuous
  • Not exposing it to extreme weather
  • Not using jewellery cleaning solutions to clean it
  • Not storing it with other stones

As a buyer, you should keep your eyes open when you are checking out sites selling pre-owned dress rings in the UK. Find an online store where an experienced gemmologist can stand behind the quality of the ring.

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Dispelling The Myths About Engagement Rings


The misconceptions surrounding diamonds and engagement rings are many and varied. But before we start to dispel them, let’s start with the truth. The truth is, engagement rings are simply about two people in love. It does not matter what other people say or think about the diamond or the ring itself as it is this ring that that portrays the commitment that you two are making to each other for life.

Okay. Now, here is a couple of myths that totally, absolutely have no base whatsoever.

Myth 1 – At Least 3 To 4 Months Of Your Salary Should Be Spent On Buying The Engagement Ring:

Whether she wants a huge rock or a simple, small stone there are rings available within your budget. So, you can and should spend an amount that you are comfortable with. Of course, you have to be smart, if she wants a ring that her friends will be jealous of then you will have to shop around. Fortunately, there are some amazing second hand ring for sale online that when professionally polished, look the same as a new* ring from a jeweller. Do not worry. No thumb rule is there on how much you should spend. There’s a ring finger rule though! (wink wink!)

Myth 2 – Engagement Rings Must Have Diamond

Here’s a fact: throughout history, there is no evidence of diamonds being used on engagement rings until diamond mining became popular. However, there is a benefit of choosing a diamond ring. Diamond is the toughest gemstone and therefore, extremely durable for lifelong use.

Myth 3 – Diamonds Are Rare

Though there are no diamonds lying around in your backyard right now (so no reason to get up), they are not as rare as they are often said to be. In fact, this myth began spreading in the 1880s, when the chairman of De Beers Consolidated Mines decided to withhold the rights to all the diamond mines that he could get his hands on. Similar practice, but in a more complex way, was carried out until the 1990s. The withholding still happens, but in a much smaller scale.

That’s it. No reason to waste your time on myths. The only two things you need to consider before buying are the lifestyle and taste of the wearer. Nothing else. You are good to go. Buy something that you actually like. Not something based on a myth. And what could be more wonderful than stylish second hand rings for sale on BiggerRocks.com?

*Most diamond rings sold by jewellers are pre-owned anyway because the diamonds are hardly ever fresh.


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