Coloured Diamonds – The Newest Trend In The World Of Engagement Rings

Natural-coloured diamonds have been “in” for a while now. Their presence is so strong and widespread that there are many people who don’t even know that coloured diamonds exist. They do. They are beautiful, gorgeous, precious and can be that distinct touch you’ve been looking for in your engagement ring.
color-diamond-group 2Worn by Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson and Beyonce; coloured diamonds are here to stay. Those who prefer a little vintage look and feel will love to know that coloured diamonds were once worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

One carat of coloured diamonds are found in every 10,000 carats of colourless or natural-coloured diamonds. Coloured diamonds are available in almost every colour and hue. Each of these gemstones is different from the other. The value of the diamonds is determined on their colour and intensity level.

Some of the colours are even rarer than others. For instance, fancy red diamonds, purple diamonds, and violet diamonds. These are very, very rare. As you can guess, their prices are accordingly set.

There are Chameleon diamonds, which, as the name suggests, change colour when they come into contact with light or heat.

If you are into coloured diamonds, then don’t let price disappoint you. There are coloured diamonds for everyone. It’s only a matter of time before you find yours. Keep looking and keep taking trial ring-selfies.



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