5 Things You Didn’t Know About Buying Engagement Rings

There is probably no one who understands the kind of emotional ‘high’s and ‘low’s that a person goes through when trying to buy an engagement ring. One has to feel it to believe it. For those of you who are going to ask the BIG question soon, here are some interesting little facts that should keep you informed of what’s to come.engagement-ring1-598x340

  1. Conversations About Jewellery Will Become Suprisingly Interesting: No matter how bored you feel about listening to anything that’s remotely related to jewellery, you will feel interested once she starts talking about it all of a sudden. It is unexpected, but it is exciting. It will keep you motivated.
  2. You Would Want To Talk To Your Friends And Her Friends: Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchase decisions of your life. Even if you usually keep things to yourself, you would really want to talk to both your friends as well as her friends to get as much information as possible before buying the ring. You would want them to share their first-hand knowledge with you, you would ask for jeweller recommendations, you would ask them to share tips and would even take them with you on ring-shopping.
  3. You Would Never Say “All Diamonds Look The Same” Again: It’s difficult to not feel excited when you see the first diamond. But don’t give in to your excitement. Yes. All diamonds are sparkly and shiny, but they are not the same. Also, do not give in to the first price that has been quoted to you. There are diamonds available at better prices. You would understand the difference between diamonds and their prices once you start visiting jewellery stores regularly.
  4. Your Budget Will Be Under The Microscope: Irrespective of how much you have saved to buy the ring, diamond rings are pricey. And there is no deal or discount voucher available usually, unless you go for pre-owned diamond rings. Pre-owned rings are hard to tell apart from new ones and more often than not, they undergo polishing and treatment to regain their lost glory. Besides, they tend to cost less than new rings and the diamonds tend of be of a bigger size. That means, you can get better value and a BiggerRock when you buy a pre-owned engagement ring.
  5. You Would Have To Study The 4C’s Relentlessly: Shopping for an engagement ring is the mother of all stressful events in life. Seriously, there is probably nothing else that can beat its ability to cause stress. However, it is also one of the most memorable events of your life. You would have to study for the cut, carat, colour and clarity of diamonds the way you study for an exam. The 4C’s are one of the most important information that you have to know to buy a ring that will last for decades.

What do you think about this list? Care to share? Go ahead.


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