Some Ring Buying Advice That Will Surely Work

So, you are in love. You know that she’s the one and you are ready to propose to her. Great. It is one of the best times of your life. But do you think that spending your salary of three months on a ring (even if it’s THE ring) is a good idea? Be honest. It’s highly likely that you don’t think so and you are right. There are ways to give her an exquisite engagement ring without a price tag that’s equivalent to your three months’ salary.

Engagement_BannerCheck out these 5 tips to find out:

  1. Think About Your Financial Plans – Take some time out from your schedules, both of you. Talk about your financial plans for the future. Go beyond the wedding and honeymoon expenses. Think really long term. A good way to keep the finances in check is to browse pre-owned rings.
  2. Be Absolutely Sure Of What She Expects – You can start trying by asking her friends and family, or you two can go out on ring browsing which most people do these days.
  3. Do Not Fall For Financing Options – There are many jewellers out there who offer financing options on engagement rings. Do not fall for such a trap. Interest-free for 6 months or 1 year is not so good as it sounds. Offers like this sound too good to be true. And in most cases they are.
  4. What Is Your Mode Of Payment? After selecting the diamond and the setting that she desires, it’s time to decide in what mode you will make the payment. While it is a good idea to buy with cash, online platforms like BiggerRocks let you make payments using your credit/debit card, from the comfort of your home. Making online payment is absolutely safe on BiggerRocks. There is no need worry.

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