The Awesomeness Of Asscher-Cut Rings

With a special square shape, the asscher-cut is a proud alternative to princess cut and cushion cut. These two might be popular, but they don’t have the extraordinary colour and clarity of asscher. Seriously, if you are considering something that will catch the attention of everyone around you, get an asscher-cut diamond engagement ring as soon as possible.
Worn by silver screen prima donnas like Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow and Zooey Deschanel, asscher-cut diamond rings are beyond captivating. Where a split shank steers your attention to the centre stone, the micropavé style complements the cropped corners of the stunning asscher-cut diamond engagement ring and brims with antique appeal.

French-set diamonds offer more brilliance, with a flawless blend of vintage detail and classic charm. Needless to say, the look is one of a kind. It’s not difficult to find out why French-set halo rings are so popular. Rather than hiding the distinctive silhouettes of the diamonds, it accentuates them.

For those looking for a contemporary touch, there are asscher-cut rings available with tapered baguettes which accentuate the geometric appeal of the diamond. With a simple band, this design brings your attention to the centre piece that sits pretty with cropped corners.

Do you like asscher-cut engagement rings? Tell us why.



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