Are You Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe While You Workout?

Keeping Your Engagement Ring SafeWhether you are working out in a gym, or running on a jogger track, or biking or simply walking, you are never completely safe, let alone your engagement ring. But does that mean you should give up your exercise? Or your engagement ring? No way! Here are some tips to help you stay away from robbers and keep your precious engagement ring safe while you workout.

Engagement Ring Safe While You Workout

  • Wanna know the easiest tip? Don’t wear your engagement ring when you go for a workout session. Leave it at home and wear it again when you come back.
  • Exercise in a group. People who exercise alone are more likely to be the target of robbers. Plus, you can make new friends while exercising. So, that definitely has some value over exercising alone.
  • Carry your phone with you. Make sure the phone is charged. In the market, you will find numerous types of mobile phones straps to wear while working out.
  • Those of you workout outdoors, make sure to plan a route and stick to it. If need be, turn on the GPS in your phone when you jog, run or bike. It will help you avoid buildings and areas with hazards and risks.
  • You don’t have to take the some route every day. If someone is keeping an eye on you, it may help the miscreants be prepared when to attack. Don’t give them this chance. Keep changing your route every few days.
  • Let your family or friends know where you are going and when you plan to come back. If you get stuck in traffic, or get hurt, they will be able to take action quickly if they have a heads-up from you.
  • Workout with your dog. You can trust your dog to do everything in its power to protect you. Dogs are very good at scaring off street criminals and they love exercise too.

Although it really pays to stay in the zone when you exercise, it is essential to be aware of where you are and who else is there with you.

That’s pretty much all that there is to safely exercising and ensuring the protection of your engagement ring.

Do you have anything to add? Is there a BiggerRock safety tip you’d like to share with us? Please go ahead. Post your comment now.



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