Vintage Rings – An Everlasting Glory

Those who are looking for something different and exquisite to wear on their ring finger can go for vintage rings. Not only will a vintage ring offer a uniqueness and ageless appeal, it will also be available at a lesser price than any new engagement ring. Plus, it is like to have way better craftsmanship than any new ring. Vintage Rings

Styles To Choose From:

Victorian (1835-1900) –  The Victorian-era rings are often set in yellow gold or rose gold and have very stylish and chic designs. Their intricate craftsmanship adds to this style quotient. Many Victorian rings have a common design, that of rows of diamonds. Many of them even used pearls.

Edwardian (1900-1920) – The Edwardian-era jewellery is marked by the rise of platinum, rose-cut diamonds and the popularization of sapphires. Platinum became the “in-thing” in that era. Lacy, light and pierced shapes dominated the world of rings with filigree detail, milgraining and scrollwork on the mountings.

Art Deco (1920-1930) – Perhaps the most popular among vintage/antique diamond engagement rings, Art Deco rings flaunted bright colours, contrasting stones, and oh so romantic geometric shapes. Many of them also had a streamlined look brimming with the glow of diamond and platinum.

What is your opinion of vintage engagement rings? What is your favourite era/style and why? Tell us. And do send your ring-selfie.



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