Going Dutch On Engagement Ring Purchase? Why Not Look for Second Hand Rings Online?

One of the best moments in a relationship comes when he buys her an engagement ring. She blushes, he takes her hand in his and they share one of the loveliest moments of their relationship. Much has been said and written about the colour, cut, clarity and carat of diamonds. This is not another addition in that already-long list. It is intended to delve into the actual ring buying decision.

According to the Daily Mail, more and more couples are choosing to split the cost of their engagement ring. Many couples who live together and have joint bank accounts are taking this financial decision together, which is a change in the time-honoured tradition of a man spending his three months’ salary on the engagement ring for his partner.

Today’s couples can be more honest and open with each other when it comes to finances. This involves discussing their current financial situations, making future financial plans, and making financial decisions together. Engagement rings do not really come cheap. Unless they are pre-owned of course, in which case it’s not really difficult to make the purchase alone.

However, many couples can still have doubts about looking for pre-owned or second hand rings online. They perhaps ain’t aware that there are companies specialising in showcasing second hand rings online directly from personal sellers, rings that have been checked and certified for quality.

A lot of wedding traditions are being broken and welcome changes are taking their place. Why is this happening? Because people think they make no sense in this day and age and are definitely not worth spending so much money on. To them, planning their honeymoon or paying a deposit on a new flat with the same money is a more sensible decision than spending all of it on a brand-new engagement ring.

Opposite opinions exist too. Splitting the cost of their engagement ring is a complete No-No for some women. They are of the opinion that traditions should not be swept out and, possibly wondering if this will mark the demise of chivalry or maybe the demise of their credit card.

What is your opinion? Do you think going Dutch is a good idea? Do you think buying second hand rings online is a good idea since nearly all diamonds are second-hand anyway? Tell us and if you are engaged, do share your story with us along with a ring-selfie.


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