Dispelling The Myths About Engagement Rings


The misconceptions surrounding diamonds and engagement rings are many and varied. But before we start to dispel them, let’s start with the truth. The truth is, engagement rings are simply about two people in love. It does not matter what other people say or think about the diamond or the ring itself as it is this ring that that portrays the commitment that you two are making to each other for life.

Okay. Now, here is a couple of myths that totally, absolutely have no base whatsoever.

Myth 1 – At Least 3 To 4 Months Of Your Salary Should Be Spent On Buying The Engagement Ring:

Whether she wants a huge rock or a simple, small stone there are rings available within your budget. So, you can and should spend an amount that you are comfortable with. Of course, you have to be smart, if she wants a ring that her friends will be jealous of then you will have to shop around. Fortunately, there are some amazing second hand ring for sale online that when professionally polished, look the same as a new* ring from a jeweller. Do not worry. No thumb rule is there on how much you should spend. There’s a ring finger rule though! (wink wink!)

Myth 2 – Engagement Rings Must Have Diamond

Here’s a fact: throughout history, there is no evidence of diamonds being used on engagement rings until diamond mining became popular. However, there is a benefit of choosing a diamond ring. Diamond is the toughest gemstone and therefore, extremely durable for lifelong use.

Myth 3 – Diamonds Are Rare

Though there are no diamonds lying around in your backyard right now (so no reason to get up), they are not as rare as they are often said to be. In fact, this myth began spreading in the 1880s, when the chairman of De Beers Consolidated Mines decided to withhold the rights to all the diamond mines that he could get his hands on. Similar practice, but in a more complex way, was carried out until the 1990s. The withholding still happens, but in a much smaller scale.

That’s it. No reason to waste your time on myths. The only two things you need to consider before buying are the lifestyle and taste of the wearer. Nothing else. You are good to go. Buy something that you actually like. Not something based on a myth. And what could be more wonderful than stylish second hand rings for sale on BiggerRocks.com?

*Most diamond rings sold by jewellers are pre-owned anyway because the diamonds are hardly ever fresh.



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