Buying Pre-Owned Dress Rings In The UK – Turquoise

Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone that has been enjoying popularity for years. Even with ever-evolving fashion trends, turquoise never seems to go out of style. If you want to buy a pre-owned turquoise ring, consider these factors to make a good purchase.

Things To Look For

Turquoise is a water-based stone formed in rocks. So, obviously you’ll see bits and pieces of rocks inside it. Find out how it has been treated because turquoise is treated to enhance its colour and to prepare it for using in jewellery. Though un-treated turquoise (or natural turquoise) is available, is very expensive and can sometimes lead you to pay more than what it’s worth. There are sellers who sell fake turquoise and it’s not always easy to spot the fake ones, especially if you are looking at online collections of pre-owned rings. That’s why you need to know which online jewellery stores are reliable and sell authentic pre-owned dress rings in the UK. You can determine that by finding an online jewellery marketplace that has a certified gemmologist to attest to the quality of the turquoise.

Authentic turquoise varies in colour intensity and its evenness is never perfect, while fake turquoise always looks absolutely perfect.

Turquoise Types

Types of turquoise include:

  • Natural: As mentioned before, natural turquoise does not undergo any treatment. It is just cut, shaped, polished and used in jewellery.
  • Reconstituted: Reconstituted turquoise is created by grinding turquoise into powder and mixing it with epoxy and dyes and then molding it into a solid form. Then, it is cut and used in the ring. It looks a lot like natural turquoise.
  • Stabilised: Turquoise that’s been hardened by epoxy or acrylic is called stabilised turquoise. Through this method, the colour of the stone is preserved forever. It looks very beautiful.
  • Treated or Colour-Enhanced: This type of turquoise goes through the same treatment as stabilised turquoise, except its colour is enhanced using dye. The colour can look artificial and this turquoise is prone to scratching.

Simulated: Made from plastic, this turquoise is basically an imitation. It is ideal for costume jewellery.

After You Buy It

Maintain your turquoise ring by:

  • Not wearing it when doing something strenuous
  • Not exposing it to extreme weather
  • Not using jewellery cleaning solutions to clean it
  • Not storing it with other stones

As a buyer, you should keep your eyes open when you are checking out sites selling pre-owned dress rings in the UK. Find an online store where an experienced gemmologist can stand behind the quality of the ring.



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