How to Wear Diamond Rings

It’s always nice to wear something that catches the light, especially for those who want to be the centre of attention wherever they go. Rings are those pieces of jewellery that are loved by one and all for their aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance. Diamond rings are probably the most dazzling of all and irrespective of the size of the rock; it’s possible to get guaranteed second glances, provided you keep a few things in mind and are willing to put in the required effort.

Creating your own style comes with its share of gaffes but like everything else, if you keep at it, success will be yours. Whether it’s an eternity ring or an engagement ring, diamond rings look best when the diamonds are truly the centre of attention on your hand.

Every Diamond Is Different

Please keep in mind that every diamond is different and the colour, cut, clarity, carat and setting all have important roles to play. The key is to match your ring with what you are wearing. Colourless diamonds look great with almost all your outfits, whereas coloured diamonds need you to go a little further and match or contrast your wardrobe with them.

How to Match Your Diamond Ring with Your Other Jewellery / Accessories

If your ring is a yellow gold one, make sure that the rest of the jewellery you are wearing is of yellow gold as well. If you wear a watch, wear a yellow gold watch or one with a leather band. White metals have an advantage here. You can match them with white gold, platinum and silver jewellery.

How Much Is Too Much

If you are used to wearing a lot of jewellery, then please remember that the beauty and appeal of your diamond ring will be lost in all that glitter. The best way to make your diamond ring stand out is to wear less jewellery. Also, do not wear too many other rings on the hand that you wear the diamond ring.

Why Manicure Is Important

When you wear an eye-catching diamond ring, your hand is going to attract attention with every move you make. When that happens, your fingers and nails should look just as good so as to showcase the diamond well. Choose a colour of nail polish that won’t distract the eye from the centrepiece. The best option is to get a French manicure because the white tips will steer the attention back to your ring and go well with all colours of diamonds and metals.

You can buy not one but several diamond rings within a budget if you go for pre-owned. There are specialist online jewellery marketplaces where you can buy stunning second hand rings in the UK at affordable prices. These places let you buy directly from a seller; no jeweller is between you and the ring and thus, there’s no need for you to shell out huge amounts of money. Each and every ring that’s put up for sale on these marketplaces is checked by a certified independent gemmologist. You can even see photos of each ring’s hallmark and the original documents of purchase uploaded by the sellers themselves. So, there’s no risk of getting an imitation or poor quality ring. These are the places that can make your dream of owning bigger rocks come true.



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