Monetise Your Jewellery – Sell Your Eternity Ring

This post will talk about why selling a used eternity ring online is lucrative and explain what it takes to sell your eternity ring online for a good price.

When you plan to sell your used eternity ring, it pays to do some homework. Here, we will help you get started so that you don’t miss the opportunity to make money selling it to the right buyer online.

Why Sell Online

Every day, over 2 million people use the Internet to buy jewellery. That’s a huge market which you can target. But that’s also a very competitive market where it is often very difficult to make a profit without the right channels. Now, there are several online channels such as auction sites, classified ad sites and the best of them all, specialised jewellery marketplaces that provide a platform to sellers of pre-owned jewellery like you to sell it directly to buyers who are interested in value and can pay what your eternity ring is really worth. These jewellery marketplaces have an advantage over not only other online channels but also your local jeweller who will mark up your ring at 300% its manufacturing cost. Yes, you are not really likely to get a good offer from your local jeweller, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your ring evaluated by them. Have it evaluated by them and sell directly to a buyer on one of these great marketplaces to maximise your profit.

Since eternity rings appeal to both men and women, you can be sure of the fact that you won’t run out of buyers any time soon. Buyers on the best online jewellery marketplaces will pay a price that’s closer to your ring’s retail price. Isn’t that better than going to a jeweller with your ring?

How to Give Buyers Peace Of Mind

In our experience, the best online platforms provide buyers with peace of mind by having an independent and certified gemmologist check the rings listed with them. So, in order to make money on these places, you need to prove to the buyer that your ring is genuine so that they have the assurance that they are paying for the right thing. Your best option in this case is to choose a virtual marketplace where you will be provided guidance on how to get the best price when you sell your eternity ring.

In The End

Condition of the ring is an important determining factor for the price you can expect to receive from it. Keep the ring nice and clean so that it appeals to buyers. And if you choose the very best online jewellery marketplace, your ring will be polished by the certified gemmologist who will even package it in a beautiful box.

Just keep these things in mind and enjoy a great price for your ring.



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