Photography Techniques For Selling Platinum And White Gold Rings Online

We have discussed about different ways to make gemstones look as beautiful in photographs as they do to the naked eye so that more buyers notice your ring. In this blog, we will get more specific and talk about how to photograph white gold and platinum rings so that buyers notice the true beauty of these white metals. Here’s all you need to know:

Reflection – An Essential Part Of White Metal Photography

When it comes to photographing white gold and platinum, the first thing you need to consider is reflection. Both these metals tend to reflect everything that’s around them and there aren’t many things you can do about it, except placing your ring carefully and strategically when photographing it. A nice way to do that is to place the ring on a metallic surface. This will make your ring look natural and the stones in it (if any) look more attractive.

If you can’t find a metallic surface, you can use a dark surface instead. Dark surfaces make white metals reflect a more natural colour.

How To Get A Perfect Dark Surface /  Black Background

We have found, after experimenting with several dark surfaces and backgrounds, that black is the best. It brings out the true beauty of the ring by creating the best contrast. To achieve a perfect black surface and background, just place a piece of black velvet on the bottom and the back of the lighting system (s), and then shoot. If you want to shoot a photo straight down from the top, place the velvet on the bottom only.

Do not expect completely reflection-free photos of your ring as both platinum and white gold are high-polish metals that will always act as mirrors and reflect their surroundings. So, some amount of reflection will always be there. However,  you can minimise the reflection using any photo editing software of your choice.


In an online marketplace where second hand engagement rings are bought and sold, you never see your customers. So you can’t give them the chance to hold the ring in their hands. To make up for that, you need to communicate the look and feel of your ring through photos. The visual impact that your ring creates will be responsible for sparking interest. If you keep in mind the advice and information provided in this blog, you’ll be able to attract customers through stunning photographs of your platinum or white gold ring.



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