Going Dutch On Engagement Ring Purchase? Why Not Look for Second Hand Rings Online?

One of the best moments in a relationship comes when he buys her an engagement ring. She blushes, he takes her hand in his and they share one of the loveliest moments of their relationship. Much has been said and written about the colour, cut, clarity and carat of diamonds. This is not another addition in that already-long list. It is intended to delve into the actual ring buying decision.

According to the Daily Mail, more and more couples are choosing to split the cost of their engagement ring. Many couples who live together and have joint bank accounts are taking this financial decision together, which is a change in the time-honoured tradition of a man spending his three months’ salary on the engagement ring for his partner.

Today’s couples can be more honest and open with each other when it comes to finances. This involves discussing their current financial situations, making future financial plans, and making financial decisions together. Engagement rings do not really come cheap. Unless they are pre-owned of course, in which case it’s not really difficult to make the purchase alone.

However, many couples can still have doubts about looking for pre-owned or second hand rings online. They perhaps ain’t aware that there are companies specialising in showcasing second hand rings online directly from personal sellers, rings that have been checked and certified for quality.

A lot of wedding traditions are being broken and welcome changes are taking their place. Why is this happening? Because people think they make no sense in this day and age and are definitely not worth spending so much money on. To them, planning their honeymoon or paying a deposit on a new flat with the same money is a more sensible decision than spending all of it on a brand-new engagement ring.

Opposite opinions exist too. Splitting the cost of their engagement ring is a complete No-No for some women. They are of the opinion that traditions should not be swept out and, possibly wondering if this will mark the demise of chivalry or maybe the demise of their credit card.

What is your opinion? Do you think going Dutch is a good idea? Do you think buying second hand rings online is a good idea since nearly all diamonds are second-hand anyway? Tell us and if you are engaged, do share your story with us along with a ring-selfie.

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Expecting A Proposal? Here’s How To Handle Its Most Important Bit (and Why Pre Owned is Good)


Your engagement ring is the most precious piece of jewellery you will own in your lifetime. Not precious because of its price or metal or rock, but precious because it’s what marks the beginning of your union with the person you love the most in life. That’s why you have to put in much thought and care to select your engagement ring. If you are receiving signals of a proposal coming your way, here are some tips that would help you go through the process smoothly.

If your boyfriend has already told you he’s going to propose and he wants you to choose the ring, don’t feel awkward. It’s a good thing to follow traditions, but traditions are not set in stone. Sometimes, breaking away from traditions is the most practical and sensible thing to do. Here’s a bit of statistics to help you: 62% of couples shop for their engagement ring together these days.


If you think you should have someone close to you (such as your sister or best friend) help your boyfriend pick the ring, don’t hesitate. She will know your tastes well. She will steer the process of ring selection more towards your preference. If you have a particular style in mind, tell her about it before she goes to the store. She’ll take care of the rest.


If you think you don’t want to put a huge monetary burden on your boyfriend, consider a pre-owned engagement ring. Pre-owned engagement rings, are available at a reduced price than new engagement rings. Browse pre-owned rings online and you’ll know that these rings are actually great. Many people buy pre-owned rings for their engagement and even wedding. These rings don’t come with some bad juju.

Pre-owned engagement rings are actually a healthier option than ordering a custom ring because they don’t damage the environment through mining. Plus, the rock on them is often bigger than what you’ll find on a brand new ring. So, you get: a) greater value for money than a new ring and b) lesser damage to the environment than a new, custom-made ring.

untitled 4

Tell us what you think of these tips. Have you tried any of these? Do you want to try? After you’ve had your say, why not post a ring-selfie for our visitors and customers to see? Our customers and visitors both love to see the lovely photos of our friends and love to hear their stories. So, if you want to showcase your bigger rock and tell us your moving story, now is the best time to do it.

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Vintage Rings – An Everlasting Glory

Those who are looking for something different and exquisite to wear on their ring finger can go for vintage rings. Not only will a vintage ring offer a uniqueness and ageless appeal, it will also be available at a lesser price than any new engagement ring. Plus, it is like to have way better craftsmanship than any new ring. Vintage Rings

Styles To Choose From:

Victorian (1835-1900) –  The Victorian-era rings are often set in yellow gold or rose gold and have very stylish and chic designs. Their intricate craftsmanship adds to this style quotient. Many Victorian rings have a common design, that of rows of diamonds. Many of them even used pearls.

Edwardian (1900-1920) – The Edwardian-era jewellery is marked by the rise of platinum, rose-cut diamonds and the popularization of sapphires. Platinum became the “in-thing” in that era. Lacy, light and pierced shapes dominated the world of rings with filigree detail, milgraining and scrollwork on the mountings.

Art Deco (1920-1930) – Perhaps the most popular among vintage/antique diamond engagement rings, Art Deco rings flaunted bright colours, contrasting stones, and oh so romantic geometric shapes. Many of them also had a streamlined look brimming with the glow of diamond and platinum.

What is your opinion of vintage engagement rings? What is your favourite era/style and why? Tell us. And do send your ring-selfie.

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Are You Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe While You Workout?

Keeping Your Engagement Ring SafeWhether you are working out in a gym, or running on a jogger track, or biking or simply walking, you are never completely safe, let alone your engagement ring. But does that mean you should give up your exercise? Or your engagement ring? No way! Here are some tips to help you stay away from robbers and keep your precious engagement ring safe while you workout.

Engagement Ring Safe While You Workout

  • Wanna know the easiest tip? Don’t wear your engagement ring when you go for a workout session. Leave it at home and wear it again when you come back.
  • Exercise in a group. People who exercise alone are more likely to be the target of robbers. Plus, you can make new friends while exercising. So, that definitely has some value over exercising alone.
  • Carry your phone with you. Make sure the phone is charged. In the market, you will find numerous types of mobile phones straps to wear while working out.
  • Those of you workout outdoors, make sure to plan a route and stick to it. If need be, turn on the GPS in your phone when you jog, run or bike. It will help you avoid buildings and areas with hazards and risks.
  • You don’t have to take the some route every day. If someone is keeping an eye on you, it may help the miscreants be prepared when to attack. Don’t give them this chance. Keep changing your route every few days.
  • Let your family or friends know where you are going and when you plan to come back. If you get stuck in traffic, or get hurt, they will be able to take action quickly if they have a heads-up from you.
  • Workout with your dog. You can trust your dog to do everything in its power to protect you. Dogs are very good at scaring off street criminals and they love exercise too.

Although it really pays to stay in the zone when you exercise, it is essential to be aware of where you are and who else is there with you.

That’s pretty much all that there is to safely exercising and ensuring the protection of your engagement ring.

Do you have anything to add? Is there a BiggerRock safety tip you’d like to share with us? Please go ahead. Post your comment now.

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Listening To Your Engagement Ring

How Your Personality Is Revealed Through Your Choice Of Ring Part

Is your style a little different from the rest? Or do you just have to follow the trend always? Does ageless elegance mean anything to you? Or is edgy more of your thing? What is your engagement ring’s opinion on this? Find out right here:

Listening To Your Engagement RingOval Cut
Similar to the round brilliant in more ways than one, the oval cut boasts perfect symmetry. Brides who choose the oval cut generally have small hands or short fingers and it looks fantastic on them.

Cushion Cut
You are uber-romantic. You were just waiting for your prince charming to come and sweep you off your feet weren’t you? Well, he’s here now and you have picked a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. How could you not? After all, it used to be the most popular cut in en era of romance and style.

Pear Cut
It’s a hybrid cut and unique shape. It speaks volumes of the charm and radiance that are such an integral part of your personality. Did you know that this one is considered among the more interesting of diamond cuts?

Heart Cut
Oh yes! You’ve chosen the heart cut. Need we say more? You are emotional, sensitive, thoughtful and full of love. Saying that a man would be lucky to have you in his life is an understatement.

How did you like this ring-reading? Let us know on Facebook and don’t forget to show us your BiggerRock through a ring-selfie.

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The Awesomeness Of Asscher-Cut Rings

With a special square shape, the asscher-cut is a proud alternative to princess cut and cushion cut. These two might be popular, but they don’t have the extraordinary colour and clarity of asscher. Seriously, if you are considering something that will catch the attention of everyone around you, get an asscher-cut diamond engagement ring as soon as possible.
Worn by silver screen prima donnas like Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow and Zooey Deschanel, asscher-cut diamond rings are beyond captivating. Where a split shank steers your attention to the centre stone, the micropavé style complements the cropped corners of the stunning asscher-cut diamond engagement ring and brims with antique appeal.

French-set diamonds offer more brilliance, with a flawless blend of vintage detail and classic charm. Needless to say, the look is one of a kind. It’s not difficult to find out why French-set halo rings are so popular. Rather than hiding the distinctive silhouettes of the diamonds, it accentuates them.

For those looking for a contemporary touch, there are asscher-cut rings available with tapered baguettes which accentuate the geometric appeal of the diamond. With a simple band, this design brings your attention to the centre piece that sits pretty with cropped corners.

Do you like asscher-cut engagement rings? Tell us why.

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Some Ring Buying Advice That Will Surely Work

So, you are in love. You know that she’s the one and you are ready to propose to her. Great. It is one of the best times of your life. But do you think that spending your salary of three months on a ring (even if it’s THE ring) is a good idea? Be honest. It’s highly likely that you don’t think so and you are right. There are ways to give her an exquisite engagement ring without a price tag that’s equivalent to your three months’ salary.

Engagement_BannerCheck out these 5 tips to find out:

  1. Think About Your Financial Plans – Take some time out from your schedules, both of you. Talk about your financial plans for the future. Go beyond the wedding and honeymoon expenses. Think really long term. A good way to keep the finances in check is to browse pre-owned rings.
  2. Be Absolutely Sure Of What She Expects – You can start trying by asking her friends and family, or you two can go out on ring browsing which most people do these days.
  3. Do Not Fall For Financing Options – There are many jewellers out there who offer financing options on engagement rings. Do not fall for such a trap. Interest-free for 6 months or 1 year is not so good as it sounds. Offers like this sound too good to be true. And in most cases they are.
  4. What Is Your Mode Of Payment? After selecting the diamond and the setting that she desires, it’s time to decide in what mode you will make the payment. While it is a good idea to buy with cash, online platforms like BiggerRocks let you make payments using your credit/debit card, from the comfort of your home. Making online payment is absolutely safe on BiggerRocks. There is no need worry.

Please share what you think of these ideas. Remember to like us on Facebook. Send your ring-selfies here.

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